Steps to become an entry level front end developer in 2021

Become an entry level front end developer in 2021

Now a days many of them have a same question of how to become an entry level frontend developer so in this article we are going to help you with some guides that will help you become an entry level front end developer

What is front end development ?

Front end development is the user side experience on operating any application, game, website anything front end development

Which language are important for front end development ?

5 most important language to become an entry level front end developer

  • HTML
  • CSS

HTML (hyper text markup language)

HTML is basically used to create a skeleton of a website skeleton inshort means it will not be a bit attractive it will be as simple as a normal boxes and normal buttons in a single row html is the easiest language that can be learnt within a week and further as your experience increases you can master the language and moreover

CSS (cascading style sheets)

CSS is basically giving an attractive design to a your site like designing boxes buttons giving animation effect transition effects and all whatever can make your site look attractive for example giving your button shape size effect after click effect before click effect hover effect and much more


JAVASCRIPT is also useful to make all buttons , entry boxes ,make all your buttons working like after clicking the button where the user should get redirected to and after the entry of details like email or anything the details must be reached to the owner of the site


JQUERY is the most useful thing for a medium level developer because it help the developer to import plugin from outside while working on any real life projects and customize it as per his/her need Jquery decrease the number of line of code into short line by calling its javascript


BOOSTRAP is a CSS framework which can be loaded after writing a basic html code related to any kind of navigation bar and much more its add its basic layout of CSS code which saves time and you can make some some changes by yourself to make a frontend much more attractive

How can you Run This codes

  • Notepad
  • Vs code
  • notepad ++

Notepad++ is one of the most helpful thing that most developer and designer use because its good and runs a code effectively without any problem

Another option is VS code which mainly professionals use as it is time saving for them due to ready made shortcuts and providing better indentation which helps a developer time consuming and much more

But for beginners you can use notepad which is a good option

What after learning HTML ,CSS and JAVASCRIPT ?

At the beginner level you can start practicing HTML and CSS and create good and amazing navigation bar creating basic forms and all different types

Responsive web pages

In the ancient times websites used to develop for three different forms i.e Tablet ,Mobile and Desktop and used to be costly but nowadays there is no such condition because of modern technology and professional front end developers you can create responsive pages that can be made with a cheap cost and can be developed easily within a time

Developer tool

Developer tool is one of the most important thing used by a developer you can open developer tool to check how a particular button is looking like adjusting the size by changing in developer tools why is it very much useful for a frontend developer because it does not saves the look while you change size and dimension its mainly used by professional developers

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